Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability (CGL)

CGL covers the insured’s liability on account of 3rd party injury/death/damage due to their operations or products. This Policy is generally premised specifically covering the physical location of the entity but could be extended to cover the damages due to the finished product or service done in another location. It is a form of comprehensive insurance. This policy could be purchased in 2 options i.e. Claims Made Basis or Occurrence Based. A claims-made policy provides coverage for whenever a claim is made, regardless of when the claim event happened. An occurrence policy covers claims where the claim event occurred during the time of the policy even if the policy is now expired.


Basically, this policy covers the Liability arising due to Bodily Injury &/or Property Damage, Personal & Advertising Injury arising out of Defamation, libel, or slander, etc, Medical Expenses to a third party for bodily injury caused on your premises or due to your operations, services & products, Supplementary Payments like Cost of surety bonds to release attachments, Pre-post judgment interest, etc. Other additional covers offered are Food and Beverages Liability Extension, Lift Liability, Care, Custody and Control Liability extension, Transportation Liability, Sudden and Accidental Pollution Liability, Tenants Legal Liability, Valet Parking Liability, Non-Owned and Hired Automobiles Liability, Product Recall Expenses, etc.

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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance(D&O)

Directors and Officers can be sued personally by any stakeholder for a decision taken by them on behalf of the Company in their managerial capacity. This Policy Provides protection to directors & officers of a company against their personal liability for financial losses arising out of wrongful acts or omissions in their capacity as directors or officers. Common Risk Scenarios (Actual Or Alleged) are Misuse of corporate funds, False statements to Government agencies, Bankruptcy, Employment Practices irregularities/ harassment, etc.


This policy Indemnifies Directors and Officers for Legal and defense costs plus Damages and expenses incurred, arising from claims brought against them personally, due to wrongful acts in their capacity as Directors or Officers of a company.

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Public Liability (Act) Insurance

This policy covers the Statutory Liability of the insured, dealing/handling Hazardous Substances in India, towards the Third Party in case of any fortuitous, sudden, or unintentional occurrence resulting in Death, Injury &/or Property Damage. This policy operates strictly as per the provisions laid down by Public Liability Insurance Act 1991 and subsequent amendments thereafter. Hazardous substances are those which are covered/included/defined by the Environment (Protection) Act, of 1986. Since hazardous items pose a significant threat to the general public and environment & a mishappening/accident involving any hazardous substance could lead to an enormous loss/ damage and catastrophic events like Bhopal Gas Tragedy.


In case of an accident involving hazardous substances, this policy indemnifies against the statutory liability towards the Third Party on account of Death &/or Bodily injury and Loss &/or damage to property. Further, as per the rules Indemnity limit for Any One Accident should not be less than the paid-up capital of the entity, Maximum Any One Accident (AOA) limit available in this policy is INR 5 Cr. and Any One Year (AOY) maximum indemnity limit will be maximum 3 times of the Any One Accident (AOA) limit i.e. INR 15 Cr.

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Public Liability Insurance

This policy covers the legal liability of the insured towards a Third Party, arising on account of accidental Bodily Injury &/or property damage. This is premises specific policy covering the agreed/insured limit of indemnity in case a legal liability is imposed on the insured to compensate a Third Party for Bodily Injury &/or property damage due to accidents in the insured premises & his normal business operations. This policy can be purchased for both Manufacturing & Non-Manufacturing risks like Shops, Hotels, Shopping complexes/ Malls, Warehouses, Hospitals, offices, cooperative societies, and even dwellings.


This policy pays the insured amount against the Legal Liability imposed to compensate a Third Party who is not an employee or Family Member of the Insured for Accidental Death or Bodily Injury and Accidental Loss or Damage to Property, Defense Cost, etc.

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Professional Indemnity

This insurance also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O) is a form of liability insurance. It protects companies or professionals against the full costs of a claim made by a client against them for giving advice or services in their professional capacity as a consultant, financial adviser, insurance agent, lawyer, CA, Doctor, etc. This insurance protects the companies, their workers, and other professionals against claims of inadequate work or negligent actions.


This insurance protects companies and/or professionals against claims of inadequate work or negligent actions made by them while providing services to their clients. The insurer will pay for damages or settlements arising out of a claim.

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Lift Liability Insurance

This is a Legal Liability Insurance policy opted by Owners or managers of the establishments/premises where lift/s exist and is used by the public. Lifts are fitted/ installed for the carriage of passengers or goods which along with easing out the movements of passengers or goods also carry the risk of accidents. Liability arising on account of bodily injury or property damage to a third party by use or operations of any lift or elevator including hoists fitted in offices, multi-storied business and residential complexes, hospitals, theatres, or any industrial unit is covered by this policy.


This policy covers the Legal Liabilities of the insured arising due to below mentioned incidents/ accidents suffered by Third Parties who are not employees of the insured, family members of the insured, or the insured himself due to Death &/or Bodily injury to the Third Party, Loss or damage to Property of Third Party, Direct damage to Personal Effects of Third Party

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Product Liability Insurance

This insurance helps protect businesses from claims that a product made or sold by the insured caused bodily injury or property damage to someone else. This policy can be purchased by manufacturers, wholesalers & distributors, and retailers. This insurance covers legal fees including defense costs, settlement or judgment against an entity, and medical costs.


Broadly this policy indemnifies for Claims, Which The Insured Becomes Legally Liable To Pay To Third Parties As A Result Of Bodily Injury Or Property Damage Arising Out Of The Use Or Consumption Of Products Manufactured, Sold, And /Or Distributed By The Insured. Product Liability claims may arise due to Design defects, Manufacturing defects, Improper warnings, etc.

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