Global Health Cover

A POLICY FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: Experiencing a medical emergency in a foreign country can be quite stressful as you might not be familiar with the place. And the last thing you would want is a financial burden while you are traveling abroad. We all know such expenses are covered under travel plans but now global health insurance plans cover that enables you to seek cashless treatment and get the best medical care without any worries!

Global Plans offer assistance In case of an emergency or for planned treatment one can reach out to your insurance provider and connect to a network hospital to prioritise your health. The expenses incurred out of the country due to hospitalisation shall be covered by global health insurance.

Global health insurance provides medical coverage against emergency and planned health expenses incurred anywhere. It covers the cost of medical treatments taken within India as well as abroad. It gives you the freedom to avail quality medical treatment outside India without worrying about arranging money to pay the expensive bills. A global/worldwide coverage in health insurance plan offers coverage for medical treatment that you choose to get abroad. Hence, if you are diagnosed with a disease, ailment, or condition in India but opt for medical treatment and healthcare services in another country, these costs will be covered up to the Sum Assured plus a Cumulative Bonus by the global cover. Global health insurance coverage ensures that you can avail of quality healthcare facilities in another country and do not have to foot expensive bills that you may incur as a result of this. A global health insurance plan works exactly like a domestic health insurance plan. While you pay the premium as the annual schedule, upon needing treatment in the covered locations, you can file claims so that the cost of the medical bill can be defrayed for you. The primary goal is to provide you with a financial safety net and international health insurance, to connect you with reputable medical services to not hurt yourself because of ignorance.


  • Dependent Children: 3 months – 30 Yrs
  • Proposer /Spouse / Parents/Sister/ Brother/Parents-in-law/ Aunt/ Uncle 18 Yrs to 65 Yrs
  • An individual and/or his family members namely spouse, dependent children and dependent parents/parents-in-law are eligible for buying this cover on an individual or floater basis.


  • Pre-Hospitalisation: 45-60 days
  • Post-Hospitalisation : 90 min days & max 180 days
  • Day Care Procedures : Covered upto SI
  • Domiciliary Treatment : Covered upto SI
  • Organ Donor : Covered upto SI
  • Multiplier Benefit: Bonus of 10-50 % of basic sum insured for every claim-free year , maximum upto 100 % , in case of claim , accumulated bonus will be reduce by 10 or 50 % . 
  • Health Check-up : As per limit
  • Coverage for Advance treatment and Robotic Surgery
  • Accommodation costs for one parent staying in the Hospital with an Insured child under 18 years of age.
  • Air Ambulance upto Limit of SA offered selectively.


  • Travel costs for accompanying person
  • Costs for hotel suites, four or five-star hotel accommodation or hotel accommodation for an accompanying person
  • Mental Illness Treatment does not cover
  • Treatment for Alcoholism, drug or substance abuse or any addictive condition and consequences thereof
  • Maternity


Cashless Claim:

  • The insured or the Broker has to directly interact with the designated international TPA who would direct the process of handling the claim to take care of the expense. There are two pre-requisites for the same.
  • Firstly, your medical insurance plan must cover the ailment that you or your family member is diagnosed with.
  • Secondly, the hospital you want to visit should be in the list of network hospitals of your insurer and the international TPA assists with all the details.
  • If the above two conditions are fulfilled and it is a planned or emergency hospitalization, you can opt for a cashless claim.

Reimbursement Claims:

  • A reimbursement claim is the opposite of cashless claims. If you fail to opt for the cashless facility or have to be hospitalized in a non-network hospital, reimbursement claim would come into the picture.
  • You can go through your normal hospitalization process and complete the payment. Once you are discharged, ensure that you reach out to your insurer at the earliest and submit a claim along with all the relevant hospital documents. The approved amount will then be submitted to your bank account. The claim can be settled in foreign currency or in INR as you desire.
Filing Process
Depending on the type of claims that you are opting for, the filing process would vary a bit. In the case of planned hospitalization, you can intimate your insurer about the same. If you do so, they will provide you with a Pre-Authorization or provide a Guarantee of the payment through International Third Party Administration.
In case of reimbursement claims, you must inform your insurer about the procedure within 30 days of discharge and fill out the reimbursement claim form.
Both the process requires their own set of documents which your insurer will help you out with.