Guaranteed Return Plans

A guaranteed plan can be suitable for all types of investors. Be it first-time investors, salaried professionals, business owners and even those planning for their retirement. This plan has policy term options that can make it a good choice for anyone between the ages of 18 and 60 years.

A guaranteed return plan, as the name suggests, lets you save your money and offers guaranteed returns for your future, with customisable income or return options as per your need. There are plenty of reasons that can impact the financial market and affect your investments.

Guaranteed Return Plans

Lead a joyful & financially stable life at every age and stage with a unique savings plan assuring guaranteed* returns, life cover and tax benefits.

  • Guaranteed returns to meet your future goals
  • Payout options Lump sum | Regular income | Whole life Income
  • Insure yourself and your spouse on the same policy
  • Avail of loan against your policy
  • Flexi premiums Monthly/Annually/Quarterly/ Lumpsum/Half-yearly
  • Add-on Security (Riders) Enhanced Protection Complete Health Cover
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Extra Covers

The insurance companies do offer some extra cover by charging extra such as;

  • Liability cover- against the family by outsiders like servants, maids or any third party
  • Landscape and Garden cover- This is extension of house insurance which can be covered against damage by any means ie beyond perils of Fire
  • Pets can be insured for a limit against any ailment
  • Valuables like expensive Chandler, lamps any other valuable items can be covered.
  • Key and lock Replacement cover- you can get the coverage for the expensive lock system of the house against the mechanical damage
  • ATM Withdrawal Robbery- One can take coverage upto a limit for any robbery that occurs in the family
  • Loss of Rent- For the rented property one can avail loss of rent for specified months incase of any accidental damage due to Fire peril

All above are available by paying extra premium, however, the conditions differ from every Insurance Company. 1st category gets more flexible terms than the 2nd category of property holders.


The policy could be classified into two categories of the class of Owners as per the product available in the industry, so far. Home Insurance Products for :

  • No known/reported losses till date
  • No selection allowed under contents section
  • Standalone portable equipment under contents can't be covered
  • Insurance company would require invoice copy of portable equipment at the time of claim
  • Portable Equipment:- (other than Mobile Phones) not older than 5 years, Mobile Phones not older than 3 years
  • Any Manufacturing defect in any of content and valuables
  • Any design defect in the building is covered
  • For Jewellery & paintings sections - Correct, proper& valid valuation report is required where Jewellery and Painting is always subject to contents are covered
  • Pedal Cycles, Electrical and Electronic Appliances whilst stored or lying in the Insured’s ”Building”, Clothing, not older than 10 years
  • Losses due to Terrorism or War is not covered
  • Maximum SI for Add On Cover i) Temporary Resettlement Cover ii) Keys & Locks Replacement Cover has limits
  • Any malpractice or fraudulent or carelessness would not be covered for damage of content or building or burglary

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