Financial Planning

As your insurance financial planner, we will help you assess your current and debt monetary situation. We will sit down with you and understand your income and expenditure patterns, help you set up and meet your financial goals by looking at savings objectives, investments needs, necessary insurances, tax planning and retirement benefits. Regular monitoring of the portfolios, periodic intimation of their returns and making the decisions to switch or port from schemes, if any, is done proactively and in a timely manner to ensure that your financial goals are achieved and met. We undertake the process of your financial planning by choosing products with the low cost and ensure high returns. This is being done by assessing your life goals, choosing the right products and monitoring the same by making switches between the schemes keeping the condition of the markets to ensure the enhancement of returns. We give life cover and health cover a special weightage in designing the financial plan for our clients which makes an ideal financial plan for the family.

Insurance Advisory

As your insurance advisor, we help you find the right product you need to meet your financial goals. We are not restricted in the products and services that we offer and therefore can provide you with an unbiased basket of products with honest recommendations which you may choose from. Having awarded the broker licence by IRDAI on March 13, 2007, the current management and staff of Security Insurance Brokers (SIB) are part of over a decade-old legacy. This legacy has instilled in us the right ideals of service and management. We have learnt to not only invest the funds of our clients but to invest in the lives of our clients. The benefit of a large relevant database and first-hand knowledge which has been developed gives us an edge that enables us to advise and guide your investments in a responsible manner.

Tax Planning

As your tax planner, we analyse your existing wealth or financial plan from a tax-efficient perspective. Whether an individual or a corporate, we help in optimising your finances by utilising the available tax exemptions and deductions to minimise your tax liability, thereby, supplementing your savings and investments.  Our focus has always been and will continue to be to provide you tax-free and tax-efficient returns. While deciding on the products, we ensure your expenses are the least so that your returns are maximised.

Portfolio Management

Looking after your needs as a family is our first priority. We provide services and facilities which will consolidate all the insurance assets held by you and your family members. If you and your family hold insurance investments/policies in various forms, health and general insurance, etc then post your disclosure. We would consolidate these, analyse to alter, if required, to meet your financial goal and make these into one portfolio which will ensure that you can easily keep track of and monitor your assets and liabilities.

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Our motto of “Service before Self” starts from the time one buys a policy from us. We make sure that we as a team and our processes remain dedicated to our clients during the tenure of the policy. From changes in any personal details in the policy to understanding the terms of the policy to a reminder of benefits one can avail during the tenure of the policy, to the reminding of renewal, to claims if reported to us and taking them towards the right conclusion is a role from which we don’t shy away even a bit to handhold our clients. Our dedicated and experienced teams, both for our corporate and individual clients, give all kinds of services which are asked for with the help of technology and a gentle human touch.

Retail clients normally ask for After Sales Services as follows:

  • Change in address
  • NCB transfer to new purchase of vehicle
  • Change in family configurations
  • Helping with the medical examinations before and after the sale of a policy
  • Revival of the lapsed Policy 
  • Premium Notices

  • Change in ownership in case of sale of vehicle
  • Understanding of Add-ons if opted for
  • Claiming of annual benefits
  • Helping them to understand the benefits one can avail attached with the policy
  • Death Claim
  • And many more

  • Retention of NCB certificate
  • Issue of duplicate policy in case lost
  • Understanding of benefits of policy post sale
  • Endorsement for change of Nomination and Assigning of the Policy
  • Survival Benefits