"Security"--- the word synonymous with safety --- is what we have been providing to our clients successfully over the last 14 years. A strong belief in "Service before Self", this motto of Security Insurance Brokers (SIB) is ingrained in the group and we live by it every minute, hour, day, and year. We are a stickler for “Service before Self” and as a corollary, we don’t allow any form of misrepresentation and we promote the best companies keeping in mind the best interest of the customer. We see this as our core competence not only in underwriting Risk where we assess what are the valid risks and do risk analysis but also after-sales service including Claim Handling.

Our dedicated team of ex-insurance personnel---who have the necessary experience and qualifications in insurance---have helped the clients with complex and customer-centric insurance solutions for the past many years. The primary reason for our entering the insurance industry was that we saw a vacuum in the marketplace which had few solution providers. We addressed this gap and filled this need in the market by bringing in life/non-life and general insurance solutions with attractive pricing and features. We guide and advise our clients in buying the right policy, help them with all the services during the tenure of the Policy and assist in claim settlement if any arises.

We understand the pain a client goes through should a mishap occur and we not only handhold the client at the time of a claim but also sail him through the process while the documents are being arranged to arrive at the right valuation of the claim. We have engineered processes where we look at the features and not the pricing when we pick up a product and the track record of the insurer or service provider. This helps us to bring the best price, the best product and the best services for our clients. We also associate with such insurers where the track record for service is guaranteed and we are not lured by hefty commissions and are also not lured by hand-outs.

About Us

We are licensed brokers by the Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India, incorporated in 2007 with a focus on Retail and Corporate Insurance. We take pride, both in our Retail Portfolio and our Corporate Clients who have shown confidence in us by renewing their portfolio year by year. In our Retail Portfolio, we handle over 5,000 policies every year and are growing with every passing year. The team is constituted of experienced ex-insurance personnel, insurance qualified personnel who have been with us since the beginning of our operations. Both the segments---Retail and Corporate---have dedicated teams for selling, underwriting, and claims. Within Retail, we have further separate dedicated teams for Health Insurance, Motor Insurance, and other products.

Our endeavor is not only to get the best price but also the right product for our clients as we act as a Solution Provider rather than an Insurance Seller. Our Code of Conduct laid down by IRDA directs us to safeguard the interest of our client, thus we don’t represent an insurance company as an Agent is supposed to do, but instead, we represent our Client before the Insurance company. With this philosophy, we ensure that Client Interest remains topmost and we get the best out of the insurance companies for our clients. We also have a strong life practice and have a pool of talented staff to address customer queries and provide endowment, term, annuities and pensions, money back, whole life, and unit-linked plan solutions. We try and pick up the most suitable plans which could qualify for ideal financial planning for our clients.